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Mieko has over 10 years of experience in software testing in small to fortune 100 companies.

Her college life started with studying Astronomy, however, IRAF changed her life. IRAF is a very powerful astronomical analytical tool. However, ┬áIRAF’s interface was very challenging to use. The instructions were never clear and help function was not helpful or none existence. Learning curve was too steep for many. And most of all, there was NO Google! This experience shifted her interests to computer and human computer interaction. Completed her studying in MS C.S., now working for a software company in Chicago, IL.

Computer was always her passion, though she didn’t understand “programming” until she mastered English in her teenage years. Mainstream computer programming languages are all based on the language of English and for her programming languages were equivalent of magic spell. She still dreams to develop a programming language that removes such barrier.

During her non office time, learns new technologies, pretends to be an artist and helps others in need by serving as a board member at North Side Housing and Supportive Services.

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