Feeling in Japanese

This is my American life!

“Feeling in Japanese” is a collection of stories, more like personal journals, originally written in Japanese and shared only with my close friends.  As I moved them to my own web site, I decided to translate selected stories into English and share with the world. Many Japanese in the past have left their diaries for the later generations intended or unintended, not only by famous people or the influential, but also many commoners equally did. I always enjoyed reading diaries written in the Heian Period, and I hope my experiences today will be shared with the later generations.

Translating Japanese to English was not an easy task.  I wanted to preserve the tone of voice in Japanese as much as possible yet my tone of voice changes depending on which language I use to express myself.  I also did my best to fill in the cultural gap between Japan and US by adding more details for the English readers.

The title “Feeling in Japanese” came from a talk with my friend. I told her I feel in Japanese and think in English, therefore many of my writings are in Japanese. She said “Feeling in Japanese!”

The “posted date” is the original date.



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